What are "Rocket Landers"?
mobile-optimized landing pages in a jiff

Rocket Landers are ready-to-use landing pages that help you plan, create & launch your digital marketing campaign faster. Skip the time and hassle of building landing pages from scratch. Start with a Rocket Lander and launch beautiful, professional-grade landing pages for ALL devices & screen sizes!

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How it works
Everything you need to launch

Developing new landing pages for each and every campaign is not just time consuming, it's tedious. What marketing manager wants to waste time doing that? For just $25, you can get a Rocket Lander landing page template that combines the real-world (and out-of-this-world) features you need to convert landing page visitors into buyers, all in one ready-to-launch landing page.

Your rocket's already on the pad - Rocket Landers gives you everything you need in one template to launch a beautiful, professional-grade landing page in minutes.

Punch in your launch code - simply replace existing information or fill in the blanks with your own text, tracking code, and graphics (optional) using a simple text editor, not some fancy software.

All systems go - works on any type of server so you can upload in seconds.

Track your trajectory - conversion tracking is built in through your existing Google Analytics, Adwords, or other marketing/advertising campaign.

Swap in new rockets on the fly - tweak the text, tweak the offer, tweak the images in literally seconds for faster, more responsive A/B testing.

Get ready for the ticker tape parade - your audience will love the results, and never have to know you're actually spending less time to get them!

Test-drive a Landing Page right now, and see for yourself how easy it is to use Rocket Landers for your next project.


Who is it for?
improve your digital marketing

Rocket Landers provides an amazing shortcut of creating landing pages for your digital marketing campaigns. Skip the time & headaches of building & testing your landing page. Fully tested & guaranteed to work out-of-the-box.

I am responsibe for
Marketing & Communications

I need to Generate Qualified Leads

Quickly launch a digital marketing campaign that focuses on a single offer. Use your landing page to communicate to your audience across all devices.

I am responsibe for
Web Design & Development

I need to Create Mobile Solutions

Start with a professional grade landing page optimized for mobile devices. Easily customize the template html to match your project requirements.

I am responsibe for
PPC/AdWords/SEO Management

I need to Increase PPC Conversions

Stop losing conversions to a poorly designed landing page. Increase your ROI by using high quality score landing page designed to convert.

man on the moon

The idea behind the solution
Yes, it is rocket science.

During the first moon launches, it wasn't unusual to see engineers in Mission Control busily writing out equations and numbers on a pad of paper. That's what it took for the first rocket scientists to successfully land a man on the moon. But today, technology and computers have brought us to the point where they no longer have to make those tedious scribbles.

Rocket Landers is sort of like that kind of technological advance, but for marketing managers. We both know that developing a successful landing page campaign takes a certain knack. It's a blend of marketing, numbers, and technical expertise that engineers the launch and guides it to your final goal: converting vistors into qualified leads.

Rocket Landers provides a shortcut in one very specific, mission-critical part of your campaign: developing the actual landing pages. It's the step that many marketing managers would prefer to avoid – so much so that some hire it out to graphic designers or web professionals to do for them. But with Rocket Landers, you don't have to.

Rocket Landers are part template, part launch system, and part resource base. We give you everything you need to get your landing pages up and running faster including:

  • Professional, hand-coded web page template that converts
  • Detailed instructions on how to add your own unique information including tracking codes and content
  • Support to help you successfully create, launch, and manage your online campaigns

Rocket Landers gives you everything you need to launch your landing page right now.

We've packed everything we know into these landing pages so all you have to do is put in your Google Analytics ID, add your own graphics (optional) and content, and upload it to your server.

Easy to use, and at just $25 it's priced right to use once, but licensed for infinite use with all your projects. It doesn't get any easier than Rocket Landers!

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Speed up your marketing process
Rocket Landers can save you time & effort

The average marketing campaign (AdWords, SEO, direct marketing, etc.) requires some key steps in the process, once your client has signed on the dotted line.

  1. Develop a marketing plan (including market research, meetings with your client, etc.)
  2. Executing that plan (lead generation; e.g. creating an AdWords campaign, writing your marketing copy, etc.)
  3. Designing and launching your landing pages (e.g. creating a web page, finding graphics, adding your marketing copy, adding conversion codes/tracking IDs, connecting with tracking software, etc.)
  4. Collecting data
  5. Reporting back to client

Step 3 is where Rocket Landers can help. This is often the most tedious and time-consuming part of the process, and most often is the bottleneck of the whole campaign. If you contract page development out to a graphic designer, it can be the most expensive part, too.

Rocket Landers breaks the bottleneck and speeds up the process. Rather than spend hours (or, if you're using a graphic designer, more likely days) developing your landing pages, you get a beautiful, professional-grade Rocket Lander right out of the box. Assuming you already have your Adwords or other campaign set up and you have already drafted your marketing copy, you could literally launch your Rocket Lander landing page on your own server within minutes.

Rocket Landers saves you the time and expense of creating landing pages so you can get back to what you do best.

Fast A/B versioning with Rocker Landers
Full control in your hands

A/B testing is crucial to find out which pages convert best for your audience, but it can also be time consuming. Which rocket is going to take you all the way to the moon, Rocket A or Rocket B? Rocket Landers helps you find out faster. Simply create copies of the index.html file, tweak the text, tweak the offer, tweak the graphics, then re-launch in seconds. Create as many versions as you want. Google Analytics automatically starts tracking your page hits so you see results in as little as a few hours.

What's not rocket science is your savings
Save time, money & effort

Rocket Landers helps you find out faster. Tweak the text, tweak the offer, tweak the graphics, then re-launch in seconds. Google Analytics automatically starts tracking your page hits so you see results in as little as a few hours.

How much does a Rocket Lander save you?

T * Hr - RL = Your Savings $

T is for Time: Look back and find out how long it takes you to design your own landing page from scratch.

Hr is for your Hourly rate: Multiply that by your quoted hourly rate to find out how much designing your own landing page costs in time lost.

RL is for Rocket Lander: The cost of a Rocket Lander template is $25.

So, let's say you charge an hourly rate of $75 per hour and it takes you 7 hours to setup, test & launch a landing page from scratch or from some other template. Your savings with Rocket Landers would be:

7 hours * $75 - $25 = $500

If you're charging a project rate, that's $500 extra dollars in your pocket, and an extra 7 hours in your time bank. Plus, you save the time and hassle of doing it yourself. If your project rate is higher or it takes you longer to create a page, then you'll save even more.

You'll never launch alone...
Rocket Landers is here to help

Rocket Landers helps you find out faster. Tweak the text, tweak the offer, tweak the graphics, then re-launch in seconds. Google Analytics automatically starts tracking your page hits so you see results in as little as a few hours.

These hand-coded, beautifully designed landing pages are supported by as much documentation as you need. Simply follow the step-by-step procedures for setting up your Rocket Landers, then launch when ready. It's so easy that chances are, you'll pick it up intuitively in no time. Our Pro Shop Services are always available for professional help too.

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