The exact features you need to create a winning landing page.

No Monthly Fees

No need to pay monthly fees to run your landing pages. You own the code!

QA Tested By Pros

QA tested & guaranteed to run on all devices & screen sizes. Saves you hours in testing & tweaking!

Simple Install

Runs on ANY web host/server. Simply FTP upload a single folder to your Windows or Linux website.

Mobile Optimized

Mobile First UX/UI for a slick experience when used on small screen mobile devices.

Conversion Tracking

Built-In thankyou.html page with Google Analytics/AdWords conversion tracking to accurately measure conversions.

100% Hand Coded

Use ANY text/html editor to customize the hand-coded HTML, JavaScript, CSS etc. See how.

Android/iOS App

Create a native Android/iOS app of your landing page that users can download from app store. See how.

Full Documentation

Documentation to help you install, customize and extend the landing page template with your custom features. See docs.

White-Label Ready

Customize and re-brand for your clients or create a derivative product you can re-sell.

Fully Customizable

Use ANY text/html editor to customize & extend the HTML, JavaScript, CSS etc.

Quick Launch Guide

Step by Step instructions on how to setup, customize & launch your landing page campaign. See how.

Google Forms

Add a google form to your landing page to automatically collect form submission details inside a Google docs/sheets.

Modern Components

Landing pages are built using today's best responsive web design tools & themes; Bootstrap, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, PHP. See credits.

AdWords Optimized

Templates are configured for use with Google Adwords, designed for maximum quality score & conversion results.

Adobe CC Compatible

Customize & extend the source files using your preferred Adobe Creative Clod tool i.e. Dreamweaver, Muse, Photoshop etc.

Cloud Services Ready

Integrate with 3rd party marketing tools & services i.e. Mailchimp, Drip, SalesForce, Google Forms, HubSpot, Wordstream and more. See how.

Built With Bootstrap

All landing pages are built using Bootstrap the "mobile-first" responsive design framework - the standard in web design.

Easy Form Handling

Contents of form submission are sent to your email address so you can read/reply to your lead like any other email message.

Editable Call To Action

Customizable call to action & form button text so you can display striking, action-oriented text that persuades audience to act.

Send As Newsletter

Copy/paste your landing page directly into an email message & send as newsletter, bulletin or direct email message.

SEO Friendly

Easily create an SEO friendly URL to your landing page using ANY keyword/phrase. i.e. mydomain.com/my-landing-page

Run Multiple Landers

Easily run multiple landing pages on the same website/domain based on the original template. Simply duplicate a single folder.

A/B Testing Ready

Easily create A/B versions of your landing pages. Use Google Analytics experiments to measure performance. See how.

Customizable Forms

Easily add/edit form fields by opening the index.html file & adding your form field elements or add a 3rd party embedded form.

Wordpress Compatible

Install & run your landing page side-by-side your existing Wordpress (or Joomla, Drupal etc.) website without any conflict.

100% Squint-Free

Scales and reformats automatically to any size screen or device. Learn more.

One Page Template

Landing page content is contained in a single template file. One page is all you need to edit to modify your content.

Built-In Social Share

Social share buttons are built-in. Visitors can effortlessly promote your page with 1 click.

No Database Required

Avoid the technical hassle & security risk of using a database/CMS. Manage your page content by editing the index.html file directly.

Vertical Screen Flow

Content flows elegantly for smartphone users who view content from vertical-oriented screens.

Clean & Minimal UX

Less clutter means less confusion & positive experience for your visitors. Avoid complex features that frustrate.

For Commercial Use

Free for commercial use means you can customize and re-use for commercial purposes for unlimited clients or projects.

Simple Lead Gen

User review your offer, completes call-to-action form, conversion is tracked with Analytics, you get notified via email. Done!

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