Rocket Landers

The Rocket Landers Philosophy

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Rocket Landers has the philosophy that anyone can do it themselves with a little initiative and technological help. We provide:

  1. The template
  2. The tools/technology
  3. The technique

…to get your landing pages up and running on your own. It’s a good feeling, knowing that you can launch your landing page campaign without having to rely on IT or a web designer to dictate your timeline.

For those who already know how to do it themselves, Rocket Landers helps you do it faster. No need to create a new landing page from scratch for every campaign. Rocket Landers saves time and money by speeding up that all-too-familiar bottleneck of designing the landing page. You go from zero to infinity-and-beyond in just minutes.(Yes, minutes, if you already have your marketing materials, tracking codes, and server. It might take you a bit longer the first time or two, but you’ll quickly see how much Rocket Landers speeds up the design process – the point that slows down many campaigns the most.)

The Company

Rocket Landers was launched in 2015 by the creators of DMXReady.com, one of the first dynamic plugin template providers used by the earliest web designers around the globe.

Frank Calabretta

Founder & Designer

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Jason Powell

Lead Developer

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Daniela Rivero

Customer Success Manager

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Larry Fox

Full Stack Developer

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